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To All Members


The Board has agreed to allow our members to practise at times and days of their own choice.   

However, this comes with a huge responsibility on every member who practises, to do the right thing. I urge you all, to do the right thing and abide by the rules we have adopted which are displayed around the clubhouse.   

If only ONE person does not abide by these rules we will have no other option but to close practise sessions down completely.

Please do the right thing and enjoy the freedom of practising at times and days that suit each individual member.


Barry Oswald


Clifton Springs Bowling Club.


10 June 2020                                              





Following the successful trial of practice/roll-ups over the past 2 weeks, the Board has decided to enable members to book yourselves in for practice/roll-up sessions. This will commence from Saturday 13 June 2020.  This means that members MUST implement the following procedures when attending the club for practice. Everyone’s co-operation and goodwill will result in a level of autonomy for members deciding when to come to the club for a practice/roll-up. Failure to follow these procedures will inevitably result in the closure of the greens for all.


Procedures which MUST be adhered to are as follows:

  • Only the southern asphalt carpark gate to be used to access the greens.
  • Use hand sanitiser upon entry and when you leave.
  • The booking sheet and essential supplies will be placed in the main foyer of the clubhouse. Access to the foyer is with your club key.
  • Complete the booking sheet for all attending with details including date, start time, members name, phone number, green and rink number, finish time. This form must be fully completed in case a COVID-19 issue arises.
  • If you are unwell or have cold and flu-like symptoms, please do not attend. Members in High Risk Categories should strongly consider their individual situation in deciding whether to participate or not.
  • No more than 20 members per green, with up to 4 members per rink, 5 rinks per green able to be used, with 1.5 metres between each one. Rinks will already be set up.
  • Mats to be handled by one and the same person at each end. Disposable gloves will be available for your use.
  • Jacks to be moved by foot only, no rolling of the jack.
  • Physical distancing of 1.5 metres must be maintained at all times. No touching of other members bowls, no high fives, no hand shaking. No gatherings before, after or during your practice.
  • When you finish, you must spray disinfectant on mats, clean jacks with alcohol wipes and put away on trolley. Last person to lock up trolley.
  • Wipe down hockey /walking sticks on edge of green with alcohol wipe, if you have used them.
  • Hand sanitise on way out, go to your car or transport and go home. Lock the gate if last one leaving.
  • There must be no spectators, non-bowling family members etc. on the club grounds
  • Toilet facilities may be used, however the disability access toilet facility construction is currently happening and access may be limited for the next month.


Remember the above requirements are about keeping our members as safe and healthy as possible, with each of us having a responsibility to ourselves and each other.


Yours sincerely

Barry Oswald


On behalf of the Board



Barry Oswald


Rosemary Sexton


The original Clifton Springs Hotel was located at or about this site wherein a Bowling Green had always been envisaged

Of historical significance is the well documented fact that adjacent to the Bowling Club site are the remains of the first Mineral Springs/Spa development on the Bellarine Peninsula which was established around 1870. Subsequently a Hotel was built together with many jetties to cater for the burgeoning tourist trade as well as water supply, produce and shell grit export. The Hotel burnt to the ground in 1921 and a second hotel replaced it in 1926. This was remodelled about 1957 to become The Clifton Springs Country Club. In 1977 the property was acquired by The Shire of Bellarine. It was later purchased by The Clifton Springs Golf Club and remodelled once again.

It is noteworthy that our Bowling Club now stands on the land once the site of the original hotel’s staff quarters

The Bowling Club is located on the Southern shore of Corio Bay, on the Bellarine Peninsula and immediately west of The Clifton Springs Golf Course.

Ample parking is available adjacent to the Club.

About Us

Our Club is fully licensed,with full kitchen facilities.All staffing is by Members as volunteers ( Including Greens maintenance ). There are three synthetic greens ( only two in use ) and are playable year round.



ONLY $175 per year


$100 per year


$100 per year



Lockers are also available for $15 per year

Social group enquiries are welcome and should be made either by Phone to 5251 3555 or Fax 5251 1260

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Mixed Social Bowls where Visitors are most welcome is played on Thursday afternoons, except for first Wednesday of each month when Mens 2 Bowls Triples is held.

New Members also are most welcome and are afforded free coaching by our qualified and most capable coaches. Loan bowls are available for beginners at no cost.

Practice is encouraged with greens set aside daily by the Greens Director who indicates which Greens are available and the direction of play for that day.

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