Lady Hawks Bowls Grand Final. Well what a night of upsets to say the least!

Firstly let’s have a chat about the teams, in first position (before the grand final) we have Chuck and Rob, who have been consistent and competitive all season. I think it is fair to add that they have a lot of bowls experience as well, especially Rob. 

In second place we have Stu and Matt, who are by far the most competitive and emotional players, who will stop at nothing to win!

Thirdly Toni and Georgie, who have been a force to reckon with all season, don’t under estimate these ladies they are very talented and sneaky when they want to be.

And last but not least in fourth position (again before the grand final) we have Prue and Jess, we are all surprised that Prue is this far down the ladder (normally wins everything) but we are not as surprised to see Jess down here, who has been an amateur all season. 

Okay, let’s get into it!! 

Tensions were high and everyone was taking this extremely seriously, we aren’t competitive much…..

First semi final saw Rob and Chuck verse Prue and Jess which looked like an easy win for Rob and Chuck… but that wasn’t the case, Prue and Jess were on fire and Rob and Chuck just couldn’t match their energy and saw them go down for the upset of the season! 

Second semi final saw Stu and Matt verse Georgie and Toni, and was another upset, the men were no match to what the ladies were bringing and lost miserably. 

As Rob, Chuck, Matt and Stu wiped their tears the Grand Final was on! 

Prue and Jess verse Toni and Georgie; fighting words were spoken and it was on. Prue and Jess started of strong and were confident… maybe too confident as Georgie and Toni stepped it up at the next end and it was tight! Coming into the last end it was anyones game and the nerves were high. But it was Prue and Jess’ night they were just too good and came out on top with a spectacular win.

It was the night of upsets and champions, but no one was a match for Prue and Jess!

A huge thank you to everyone at the Clifton Springs Bowling Club for making us feel so welcome. We will see you all next Summer!

See you on the greens!