Our Club Champions — 2022/23

The Club Championships at Clifton Springs Bowls Club are open to all CSBC members who are affiliated. These games provide a opportunity for players to compete against their peers. Regardless of skill level or experience, the championships create a level playing field for all participants. We strongly encourage you to take part!

When you register, please reserve the dates to ensure your availability. If you have a genuine need to reschedule, you must seek approval from the Championship Committee coordinator. Finals are to be played on the scheduled date, except in exceptional circumstances.

In order to join, the registration fee of $8.00 for each individual event, or $20.00 for participation in all events, must be settled prior to the deadline. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from the drawing process.

All tournaments hosted by the Clifton Springs Bowls Club will be managed using the BowlsLink Competitions platform. This implies that drawings, and outcomes will be conveniently available through the BowlsLink portal, accessible at this link > HERE.


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Men's Club Champion
Men's Presidents Handicap
Men's Club Pairs
Men's 2 - Bowl Singles
Men's Veterans
Men's Consolation Singles
Women's Club Champion
Women's Presidents Handicap
Women's Club Pairs
Women's 2 - Bowl Singles
Women's Veterans
Women's Consolation Singles
Mixed Club Pairs
Mixed Club Triples