Shared Plate Night

What an incredible night we had at our inaugural Shared Plate Night! The attendance exceeded our expectations, with both members and their partners in attendance, along with a delightful surprise appearance by our newfound friends from Drysdale Clifton Springs Pickleball Club. Our club room was filled with over 60 enthusiastic individuals, creating a fantastic atmosphere.
I must say, some of our guests went above and beyond by dusting off their cherished recipes, saving them for an occasion just like this one. The culinary creativity was on full display.
The seafood hamper generously provided by White Fisheries found its rightful home with Alison Aitken, who couldn’t have been more surprised and thrilled.
The club room echoed with laughter and merriment, making it an unforgettable night.
I have a strong feeling that this was only the first of many incredible Shared Plate Nights yet to come.